JS Luxury Baskets - "Where Gift Giving is an Art"
About Us

Jana , an exclusive stylist and designer of Gift Baskets, Candy Bouquet Arrangements and Nappy Cakes is the founder & owner of JS Luxury Baskets - "Where Gift Giving is an Art". 
Jana's extensive background in retail management combined with her talent and expertise for creativity gave her the ability to discover the wonderful treasure in creating beautiful, unique and artistic gift arrangements.    
Our Gift Baskets, Candy Arrangements  Nappy Cakes are different than most you have probably seen.
Our trademark is to enhance our designs with elegant artificial flowers, greenery, and silk ribbon, and our approach 'Where Gift Giving is an Art' represents the real meaning of our work. 
Every one of our beautiful Gift Baskets, Candy Bouquets and Nappy Cakes is and custom designed with a 'personal touch' and attention to detail that makes them absolutely unique. 
Our wonderful Candy Bouquets make a creative alternative to flowers. 
They are unique, beautiful and delicious, an ideal gift especially for people who suffer from pollen allergies or for those in situations where flowers may be inappropriate.
You can buy our delicious Candy Bouquets with confidence that the chocolates and candies we use in our Candy Arrangements are NEVER PENETRATED, therefore the real chocolate/candy taste and aroma is unspoiled!
As for our Gift Basket we have a very special packaging process that allows us to stabilize our products without shrinking wrap, and with our unique 'All Wrap-Around' style, no matter which way you look at our gift baskets, our wonderful products will always be facing you. 
All of our custom designed Gift Baskets, Gift Themed Boxes, Candy Bouquets, Sundae Bouquets, Candy/Flower Topiary, Candy Cakes, and Baby Nappy Cakes, are wrapped in gorgeous cellophane, crowned with stunningly beautiful hand-tied bows of lovely silk ribbon.  
Our Candy Bouquets and Gift Baskets are not made in high volumes and left stacked on a shelf until your order is placed!
Our Gift Baskets and Candy/Chocolate Arrangements are designed fresh as ordered based on your requirements, ensuring your order's freshness. 
We can create or design our products with your input for , special candies, gifts, size special items to be included upon your request.
All our stunning Nappy Cake arrangements are hand-made. 
They are designed to perfection with a new baby & mother needs in mind.
 No Pins, No Glue, No Sticky Tape has been used to hold our Nappy Cakes together!  All items in our Nappy Cakes are 100% usable! 
Our Nappy Cakes are not mass-produced!
All Candy Bouquet, Gift Basket & Nappy Cake Arrangements presented on this website are our exclusive designs and can be purchased only from JS Luxury Basket - "Where Gift Giving is an Art"! 
At JS Luxury Baskets we believe there is never a substitute for quality. 
We update our inventory often to offer new and special products!
Every element of our baskets reflects 'The Best' available on the market.  Great , fragrances, and components combined with presentation of and texture result an exceptional gift!
When you give one of our uniquely designed products to that someone you care about, your gift will never be forgotten.

The Listing of Products We Use in Our Gift Baskets:
Australian Gourmet Cookies - Hand Crafted Cookies - Ginger Bread Cookies
Gourmet Wafers - Gourmet Biscuits
Australian Holiday Gourmet Specialties: Christmas Pudding/Christmas Cake Muscat Gourmet Cake/Siena Cake/Panforte Cake/Gourmet Rum Cake
Australian Gourmet Chocolates - Australian Hand Crafted Truffles*
American Chocolates - French Chocolates - Switzerland Chocolates - Belgium Chocolates - German Chocolates - Austrian Chocolates - Holland Chocolates - Italian Chocolates
Gourmet Fudge - Gourmet nougat - Gourmet Chocolate Sauce - Chocolate Stirring Spoons
Hot Gourmet Cocoas - Gourmet Flavored Coffees - Gourmet Flavored Teas
Gourmet Candies
Gourmet Nuts
Flat-breads/Pretzels - Cheese Sticks - Gourmet Cocktail Crackers - Gourmet Popcorn Assortment
Dry Fruit - Gourmet Fruit/Wine Conserve - Gourmet Sliced Fruit in Brandy Syrup
Gourmet Jam/Marmalade - Gourmet Honey
Gourmet Mustard -  Chutney -  Relish (Dressing) -  Jelly
Gourmet Oils/ Vinegars
Salsa & Spicy Items - Sauces/ Dips/ Mixes - Pastas
Cups & Saucers-  Mugs - Tea towels - Kitchen Utensils - Books
Wedding Favors Boxes - Baby Favors Boxes
Baby Gifts -Baby Cloths - Toys - Baby Toiletries Products
Women/Men Toiletries Products
Specialty Food Items* -  Kosher Gourmet Gift Foods* - Gourmet Cheese Varieties*  
Gourmet Sausage & Meats* - Smoked Wild Salmon/Caviar* - Assorted Gourmet Pates*
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